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Join Cara for this transformative journey to remembering your innate worthiness. 
We are going to have a wild time!  
We will do a little movement, guided meditations, some energy practices and receive some theta healing.  
What does that even mean?  
It means it’s going to be magic, transformational, fun, freeing, nurturing, and you will be massively LOVED then entire time.  
Come nourish yourself.
Bring water, a journal, and a yoga mat if you have one.
No experience of any kind needed. 

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Shedding the Shell – $55

Cultivating Freedom – $55

Both – $80


Cara leads workshops and mini retreats across Hawaii. These workshops are transformational. Attendees are amazed by what a difference they notice in their lives after just one day, and even more after using some of the easy techniques they learned.

Cara’s workshops are perfect for total beginners or those who are advanced; everyone benefits from a block of time spent around loving people focusing on their own growth and self care!

Workshops a beautiful way to make time for yourself, learn new techniques or practice ones you might not use, let go of things that hold you back, care for yourself, and expand into the person you want to be. All in a loving, light hearted, supportive environment.

Workshops can include guided meditation, journaling, ceremony, and other fun goodness. They focus on specific topics such as decreasing stress, improving relationships, learning to love yourself, and becoming present.



“It blew my mind ! I had no idea not only that I wasn’t alone but that there are tools to make it better and even enjoyable! I’ve always thought I was just too different, I was just too weak and life was just too overwhelming for me and I should just give up. You are such an inspiration to me Cara and you give me hope that maybe someday I will get there too.”  ~ Shey


“Thank you so much!  I felt so great yesterday!  My husband saw a difference in me.  Today at work I felt such a calmness and felt great, and that’s where I struggle, my job.” ~Shenell


Soul Adventure“Arriving to the retreat straight off the plane from an intense work trip had its challenges. However, it’s exactly where I needed to be landing that day. Unsure of what to expect, I let my expectations be replaced with calm surrender. Your kind words, contagious enthusiasm and nurturing circle wrapped me in a strong embrace.   Shaking off the old, physically and mentally was a moving exercise for release.  Writing agreements, old and new, provided a physical release of stuck thoughts and beliefs. The fire was a grand finale to a powerful day. While not as dynamically impactful at the time, the changes that were put into play continue to reveal themselves daily. I’m a student in the adventure of life and so blessed to have a teacher like you in my life.” ~Rebecca

Soul Adventure

The retreat was so amazing in so many ways! The setting was so intimate you just felt in the first few minutes that something amazing was going to happen! It was as if Cara was connected to all our inner beings and then connected all of us together… truly co-creating at its best! My favorite parts were the visualizations. Somehow she had the ability to totally transport us to places where you actually were “there” — just you in your most authentic blissful state — feeling what it would be like to be YOU with no resistance, no shoulds, no limits… by the end of the day I felt as though I had been on this amazing journey with 11 of my best friends. We were all connected — very powerful! Now one week later I am still feeling powerful and have some new tools for focusing…and as if that wasn’t enough — I’ve got baby soft skin from the salt scrub in my gift bag! Thank you!!  Mucho love! ~Lee

Soul AdventureI have known you for many years now as a dear friend.  My experience of you in a professional setting blew me away and rocked my world! The way you were able to cater to the vast and varying needs of 14 (!!!!!!!!) individuals who could not have been more diverse in their individual ways was inspiring to say the least!  It was masterful to witness!

Personally, I felt huge shifts for myself along my unique path. Most of them have been subtle to my conscious mind but immense for my spiritual self. I continue to notice deepening and awareness in many areas of my journey. I will be eternally grateful for the time I spent with you! I am looking forward to the next time and for all of the blossoming of things to be revealed! ~Joy

Soul Adventure

Cara is a bright, playful spirit with a beautiful, open heart who sincerely cares about helping people live happier, more fulfilling lives. And there is no question that is exactly what she does. 

I have taken classes from Cara, attended her workshops and done readings with her. I always come away feeling more clear and more full of life. Her insights, encouragement and the practical tools she offers are invaluable. 

I am so grateful for Cara’s influence in my life and highly recommend her work to anyone looking to discover more peace, more joy and more clarity! ~Krista

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