Wild Woman Full Moon Retreat

Nymphs Dancing to Pans Flute by Joseph Tomanek

Nymphs Dancing to Pan’s Flute” by Joseph Tomanek

It’s time for a wild adventure.

It’s time to find and fall in love with the full essence of you.

It’s time to tap into your magnificent, feminine, life force energy.

It’s time to find your wild, your inner spark in and let it out under the full moon.

It’s time to feel beautiful and love every inch of your exquisite body.

You are glorious, it’s time to  know that  fully.

It’s time to stand in your own radiance knowing how to share it with the world.

It’s time you set your Goddess-self  free.

Come join me.

We will stay in a luxurious home on 3 acres in Volcano, Hawaii.  We will have it all to our selves with lots of privacy, jungle, trails, and a hot tub under the stars.

We will prepare our meals together as women have done for centuries around the hearth, except our hearth will be luxury granite and wood kitchen.

We will experience the magic of being on an active volcano, and sit at night overlooking a lake of molten lava, and release the old to make way for the new, all  supported by the energy of the Goddess Pele.

We will tap into the power of our pussy’s, the seat of our life force energy and our divine feminine; and we will learn to hear the guidance from that place.

We will have guided meditations, transformative energy exercises, daily buddhi yoga and movement, personal theta healing to release and reprogram whatever you choose, and magic experiences all curated to unfold our divine magnificence and own our innate wild feminine essence.

We will dance with our most wild self and she will set us  free!


Juicy Details

August 5-8 in Volcano Hawai’i

Shared lodging and meals included

6 women

Secret surprises and gifts

1 post retreat virtual or in person gathering to reflect, celebrate, and carry forward our transformation!

6 months of added support post retreat in the Playful Spirit Circle ($150 value)

Payment plans

1 payment of $1111 – Book Now

2 payments of $583 – Book Now

3 payments of $397 – Book Now

4 payments of $307 – Book Now

6 payments of $207 – Book Now

If you’d like to ask questions about this glorious experience, lets hop on the phone!

Just e-mail Cara@caraviana.com and we will set up a call.

I am standing for your radiance and your feminine and your wildness!