PSC #45: The Energetic Effect of Current Events, A Cover All The Bases Meditation, and A Soothing Energy Theta Healing


Hello Beautiful People!

On Tuesday’s Playful Spirit Circle Call we talked a lot about the energetic
effect of current events.

We talked about how society’s current energy is amplifying the things
that we are going through individually. And how it can be extra
challenging potentially for those of us who are energetically

Be sure to cut yourself extra slack and remember to give as much love
and compassion as you can to everyone in the world through these

We did a general cover all the bases meditation! This is a great one
to do to come back to your center, when you’re not quite sure
what’s going on, or as a daily practice!

Then we did a very general theta healing to support whatever process
you are in and to send love and soothing energy to the planet and all
of us.

I would really love to hear your experiences after you listen to the
call. You can email me or post in the Facebook group.

You can listen to the full recording or the meditation here.

As always, I love you dearly