PSC #48 – How Terrible Things Lead Us Toward Our Deepest Desires, A Theta Healing for Releasing Drama, and Setting New Intentions

Hi everyone,

This message is from Ali while Cara is away on a retreat. This is what happened during last week’s Playful Spirit Call!

We celebrated Cara in her vulnerability, and what started as just a seed, turned into a tremendous life changing event in her personal life and career.

She shed some light on looking at the things we perceive as “terrible” and asking ourselves how these things are pushing us towards our greatest desires?  By being able to let go of the idea that something is only one thing, we can see the greater picture of where such things are pushing us and leading us to.

Cara then touched upon the power of our intentions, and the law of attraction. Along with a very powerful theta healing on the addiction to drama. We closed the call with setting new intentions and moving forward in opening the pathway to initiate change in our lives.

Thank you all for your patience in receiving this recording! You can listen in full here.

Love, love love,