PSC #47: Changes in Perception, A Moving Meditation, and Loving Yourself in Misalignment

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Hello darlings!

Thank you for being who you are. I am always impressed at the trust I have established in all of you. Sharing my personal stories, especially in real time, would never be safe unless there was so much trust. I’m grateful you allow me to share and teach from this very real place within myself!

On this call we really explored what is reality and how are we making it in advertently. I shared some events in my own life and we learned how a change in perception can change the past and the future.

We savored a moving meditation that helped drop us into the vibration of pure trust.

We dove into what is up with our hormones amplifying our emotions and what to believe. We explored ways to get back into alignment and how to love yourself in the misalignment.

Learning to work with and celebrate the hormonal cycle is something I have been passionate about for years.  It really was a game changer for me.  I used to view my hormones as bad and something that made me crazy and weak, now I love them.  The work of Alissa Vitti is really the foundation of this.  Her book The Woman Code is highly recommended, and she has a plethora of information on line.  If you want a quick simple brief on how the phases of your cycle work and how you can use them, I’m attaching my own notes.  Mostly derived from her work or other coaches who pull from her work, as well as my own experience.  If you wanna talk more about it I’m always happy to!

I am excited to hear from you! What was your experience during this meditation? And on our next call will be doing a lot of theta healing. What would you love to focus on?

All the love,

Moon Goddess – hormone phases