PSC #20 – Familial Patterns, Limiting Beliefs, and Perception

Familial Patterns, Limiting Beliefs, and Perception
Dearest Brilliant Beings,
Goodness I have fun playing with all of you. Regardless if you are the one talking on the call, or if you are participating live or on the replay, I feel you. We are creating this together.
This week’s call was so much fun for me. I left it feeling centered, connected, and peacefully joyous. Thank you.
On the call we dove into ancestral and familial patterns, and we did a ton of clearing of old agreements and limiting beliefs. As you listen you can receive the same activations and healings if you choose.
We explored how to change your perception of a bad situation. We also played with how to look to your body for the wisdom you are seeking, and we did some energy work to transform scarcity to abundance!
That was so much fun! You can access the recording here, and please share any thoughts or insights in the Facebook group.
Let me know your thoughts, experiences, or insights in the Facebook group or in e-mail.  
If you missed this or another call, you can access the recordings here.
See you in the next call <3