PSC #18 – Vulnerability & Divine Masculine & Feminine Energies

Oh boy,
That was the most vulnerable and raw Playful Spirit Call I have ever done. So much so that before the call I considered not even sharing the recording afterwards. But by the end I knew I had to share it. The information was so good for me to hear and I wanted you to hear it too.   
I shared vulnerably about the struggles in my life, and then we had a Goddess guest on the call! My soul sister Jordan!  
We talked about the divine masculine and divine feminine, their interaction with each other and how they support and build up one another. We talked about the way that we hold back our feminine and our masculine and how to fully allow our emotions and feel safe in them. It was pretty revolutionary stuff for me. I think you will enjoy it!
Let me know your thoughts, experiences, or insights in the Facebook group or in e-mail.  
I love you all so much. My heart is full of gratitude. I think you can hear it on the call! 
If you missed this or another call, you can access the recordings here.
See you in the next call <3