Playful Spirituality ~ Can I Reach Enlightenment Through Shoe-Gasm?

I have always had a little aversion to the way spirituality is sometimes portrayed or practiced.
It’s too damn serious!  Guys, I talk to the non-physical daily and I’ll tell you they are anything but humor-less, boring or serious.
And who wants to sit on a mountaintop in silence forsaking high heels, pleasure, laughter, and SEX???
That’s not my bag, baby.
I know in my soul of souls that my life was meant for Living! And that’s what I do, I call it Playful Spirituality and it’s how I live my life.
You see, to me, Enlightenment is Alignment.
Alignment is when you are in sync with the fullness of who you are: your spirit, soul or Higher Self.
Did I lose ya?
How about this; you know when you are in alignment because you feel JOY! Or Passion, or Love, or Wildly Alive, or Giddy Excited!
You can relate to that right?
Well there you go, you have experienced alignment and therefore moments of enlightenment.
BOOM. Well done.
So this is how I live my life, dancing in and out of moments of alignment. Playful Spirituality.
Here is a short list of things that bring me into alignment:
Dancing, laughter, animals, the ocean, sleeping, creating with my hands, making love, sisterhood, sexy shoes or clothes, smiling with a stranger, sunsets, the moon, dragonflies, swinging in a park, redwood trees, nature, meditation, friendship, energy work, painting, singing, twirling, yoga, flowers, …and maybe for you it’s shoes!
Did you notice something? Nowhere in there does it say depriving myself of anything, or punishing myself, or anything serious at all.
Do I have a rich and fulfilling spiritual life? You bet your sweet ass I do. Do I love to chant and am I technically a psychic? Yup. Does that mean I can’t paint my toenails or have wild sex?
Have you been paying attention?
Oh good. In that case I think I made my point.
You can reach enlightenment via shoe-gasm. Or whatever it is that brings you into alignment. Deprive yourself of nothing and feel fulfillment in whatever it is that brings you joy.

Want to learn more about incorporating playful spirituality into your every day life?

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