Playful Spirit Circle #54 – Change the thought and behavior patterns in your life


Aloha My Loves!

I have been sick this week and I have been in awe of the clarity and potency of downloads that are coming through the fogginess of my sick head. It’s quite remarkable.

I think it was worth tolerating my coughing on our call to get what we got downloaded today!

We began with a juicy moving meditation which I think you’ll really enjoy! All about our hips and the energy of our first and second chakras.

Then we did a really powerful practice that was downloaded for me moments before our call. This practice could be used to help change the thought and behavior patterns in your life that are creating negative outcomes are keeping you stuck.

I can’t wait to hear your experience with this one! So please post in the Facebook group or send me an email.

And we wrapped up with an Expanding Heart meditation. Even if you went live on the call you definitely got benefit from this one as we did it with the entire group!

Now I’m off to go snuggle back into being sick with a big smile on my face because I am so grateful and feel such love for all of you.


Download HERE


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