Munchies vs. Masturbation (I can’t believe I’m writing this!)

The other night I had that feeling, the craving feeling.
I wasn’t craving anything specific.
I wasn’t hungry.
I just wanted to be munching on something.  Really wanted to.
I did something different this time.
I stopped, I put my hands on my belly and heart, and I asked my body what is really going on?
I heard right away. “I want to be loved.  Eating snack food is treating my self. and treating myself is loving myself.”
Well shit.
I had a hunch that it had to do with loving my body. I’ve been having a harder time with that than normal lately.  I’m a little heavier and softer than normal.
What was weird was that I had had a day full of self care.
It had been a great day and I had done a few things that made me feel sexy and strong.
But I needed more, obviously.
So I didn’t go for munchies.
I went for my jade egg.
I spent some time enjoying my body.
And you know what?
I didn’t feel fat, and I didn’t feel cravings.
I only felt sensual and turned on, and appreciation for my body that is this incredible vessel for pleasure!
Another win for Stopping and Listening!
I’d love to hear if you have had an experience with stopping and listening lately? Or if you’ve had an experience with the munchies or late night cravings — how did you feed that desire? Comment below!
Big love and lots of self pleasure,

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