Energy Work Magic and Intuitive Development Course

Level 1

 Master Your Magic

 An 8 week course with Cara Viana

starting March 17, 2018


So life has been hard and you have had damn well enough of the struggle?

You want a way to find relief and peace within yourself at any point of the day or in any given situation. 

You have a sense that you’re supposed to have more control over your life experience, like life really should have come with a handbook.

You see some people being so connected and living with so much ease it’s like they have Superpowers, where the heck are yours?

Meditation and Energy Work HawaiiYour Batgirl signal has been heard and I, Cara Viana, am here to tell you…

there IS a freaking handbook

you DO have magical superpowers,

 you CAN feel serenity and bliss,

and life can be Freaking Awesome!

I’ve got you Love. I am here to be your guide, filling your toolbox with practical information and divine inspiration. Let me help you create more balance, ease, and peace in your life. We can increase your access to the spiritual realm and take your meditation to the next level. You are ready to be your own oracle and receive clear answers when you ask questions. All while working together so you feel extraordinarily safe, connected, and full of joy on a regular basis.


THE WORK: Ancient Egyptian + Ancient Asian Mastery School Lineage

19 years ago when I found energy work, I felt like screaming “Wait, there’s a freaking handbook for life and I’M actually in charge?!!?”  That’s how it felt, like someone had finally handed me the handbook and the toolbox for how to not just survive in this existence (all I was trying to do at the time) but how to actually THRIVE.  I began oceanstudying with master teachers learning energetic tools that have been passed down since ancient Egypt and Asia.

With this handy, powerful, and miraculously simple toolbox, I learned to be in control of my life and create the boundless happiness I desired. I learned how to finally heal; how to get healthy mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  

I feel so passionately that everyone deserves to know how to work with energy, their own and the energy around them.  I have been teaching these courses for 11 years to over 100 people and I haven’t seen a single person whose life hasn’t been improved by this work.





This course is for you if you have noticed any of the following…:


  • You are a highly sensitive person
  • Your emphatic self can be overwhelmed by people or situations
  • You are taking on or being effected by negative energy from people or circumstances, as though you are at the whim of the world around you
  • Your emotions sometimes feel disproportionate or out of control
  • You feel alone at times, and need a reminder of how much love and support you truly have, and a way to tap into it.
  • You have experienced some spiritual/energetic/psychic teachings and they didn’t feel safe or your experience wasn’t positive.
  • You are ready to know how to receive answers when you ask questions, and live everyday from a place of easy connected intuition
  • You desire peace, ease, balance, and to be in control of your life

This course is filled with some of the most powerful tools that I’ve been teaching for over 8 years & practicing for 16. This work has taken me from clinically depressed to the most joyful person I know.” ~ Cara Viana


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Full-Bodied YES

Are you ready to start building your toolbox? Are you ready to feel in control of your life and your happiness everyday, like things are flowing and you are supported? I know you’ve had tastes of this feeling. Maybe when you go for a run, or cuddle a puppy, or put your toes in the sand, now let me teach you how to have it at your fingertips!

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Cost is $797 with payment plans available

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Course Breakdown

  • 8 weekly live video workshops. Alternating Saturdays and Mondays from 1 pm – 3 pm MST for 2018.
    • Saturday, March 17th 
    • Monday, March 26th
    • Saturday, March 31st
    • Monday, April 9th
    • Saturday, April 14th
    • Monday, April 23rd
    • Saturday, April 28th
    • Monday, May 7th 
      • Each workshop will be 2 – 2.5 hours long
      • We will learn and practice new techniques and tools each week
      • All workshops will be recorded so you can attend live or watch at in your own time time and move at your own pace.
  • 6 months of free enrollment in the Playful Spirit Circle ($150 value!) for continued support and community to help you continue to integrate your new skills into your daily life with Cara’s ongoing help. Here is where you get…
    • guided meditations
    • help with your specific life situations
    • mini readings
    • laser coaching
  • One 2-hour Intuitive Coaching session ($350 value). Your golden opportunity to dive in one on one with Cara and address whatever is holding you back, and what you most desire to create.  These are trans formative sessions where Cara uses a combination of tools that may include theta healing, to shift your energy and understanding and help you create the joy you are ready for!
  • Private Facebook group to grow and expand together and create a close knit community you can share with and lean on.

 Course Outline

Module 1 ~ Get Here and Now

  • Learn how to ground yourself and feel/be safe in the present moment.  Be less affected and get less thrown off by circumstances and events throughout your day. 
  • Learn about the types of psychic abilities and how your intuition works.

Module 2 ~ Strength Beneath Your Feet

  • Learn how to change your experience of life in an instant.  Get unstuck, feel safe and supported.
  • Gain the tools to update and bring ease and clear communication to your relationships. 

Module 3 ~ Pleased to Meet You, Badass Unconditional Love Being

  • Meet your Higher Self!  Develop a relationship with the fullness of who you are, your Inner Being, your Soul. 
  • Learn how to get answers to your questions and feel guided and supported in every part of your life.

Module 4 ~ Unburden Yourself and Be Safe

  • Heal and release old wounds and walls.  Build healthy protection so that you can bounce through life without taking on other people’s energy or getting impacted by negative situations.  Feel resilient, safe, and confident in your daily life.

Module 5 ~ Yeah, He’s Got My Back

  • Add advanced protection techniques to your expanding tool box for those circumstances when you are feeling bombarded or attached.
  • Learn how to communicate with and lean on the strength of an Archangel.

Module 6 ~ Letting Go of the Drama, Chaos, and ‘Crazy’

  • Learn what to do if you take on the energy of another person.  Learn to take your power back from a situation or person or event.

Module 7 ~ Dancing Down the Path

  • Easily adjust the difficulty of your life path and how you move through your experience.
  • Bring balance to your life and yourself.  Learn to balance the parts of yourself so that you never again have to get ‘stuck in your head’ or like you are missing something.

Module 8 ~ Blow Dat Shit Up

  • Set yourself free from the past!  Gain a tool to heal and release past experiences that still may be holding you back today.  Develop a deeper relationship with your body, learn how to hear it’s changing wants, needs, and wisdom.

More details about scheduling, payment plans, and more HERE.

What is your truth?

 You might be thinking of a dozen reasons to click away, yet, here you are.

Something is tugging at you, and that is a sign with flashing,

neon lights that this is your place.

But if the doubts have you unsure, that’s ok!

You can hop on the phone with me and together figure out if this is a fit for you. 


Just click HERE to set up a time for an intimate connection. 

Love and Light,
Cara Viana


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Powerful, calm, focused, ready, at ease, recharged…

These are just a few of the words that resonate with me when I think about the 6-week course I completed with Cara. There are numerous aspects of the course work that I love and here are a few.

  • While Cara taught us the tools to mindfulness meditations, we didn’t have to stay silent for hours or completely clear our minds. What she taught us was to connect with ourselves and let our higher self be our own guide. She also taught us to visualize different aspects of her teachings and how to use these in our everyday.
  • She also encouraged us to share what we felt, what our body experienced, etc. This really helped create a trusting community amongst our group
  • The practices and tools that were taught are things I can use everyday!
  • The weekly check-ins and follow up. She helps remind and encourage you to do your “homework”

I always felt amazing during and after our sessions. This feeling spilled over into my days and weeks. I started to sleep incredibly soundly after our calls and have noticed a difference in the way I view everyday hurdles, setback or joys. Her tools gave me the power and knowledge to let myself become closer to myself and have perspective.

 Even though we did our sessions via telephone I could still FEEL the genuine care from Cara.

 I’ve also had Intuitive Readings with Cara. These readings were always positive and everything she touched on gave me insight on past, current and future feelings.

 You’ll miss out if you don’t do a course, or workshop, or reading with Cara.

If it matters to you, it matters to her. ~ Tara

Meditation Course

“Cara’s course has been life changing for me. I use the tools she taught us several times throughout the day and the effect it has on my emotions, my interactions with others, and the experiences I manifest into my life is truly profound. I feel more empowered, connected, guided, protected, loved, and supported by my higher self, Cara, and the rest of the group. Thanks to this course, my intuition is the strongest it’s ever been and I receive answers when I need them. Thanks, Cara!”    ~ Jordan




“I had a huge panic/anxiety attack last night and I used meditation instead of medication to deal with it. It was awesome!! I was able to calm my breathing down and ground and center. I was then able to ask my higher self what was going on …  My higher self told me to be patient with myself and that this will beMeditation and Energy Work a process. I then did more of our meditations. By the time I was done I was calm and able to go to bed. It was such an amazing experience to be able to use the tools you gave me!”   ~ Ruby 




I just wanted to tell you I feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted off of me & a sense of incredible freedom. I feel like a whole new women, like this part of me that makes me so much ME that has been unreachable is now radiating from me. I don’t even know if my words can describe this feeling, but thank you a million times over for guiding me to this place!! I have never felt such energy before & felt it come over me!  Everything I have felt & experienced from your classes is so exhilarating and it makes me want to experience more & more!  I’m so ecstatic to have started & to continue on this enlightening journey! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing with me & for the change it will bring to my life &  for the change it already has!  I feel like this is the beginning of something big for me.  Agghh I could go on & on!”  ~ Amalia

 “I thought I had a high sense of self awareness but doing Cara’s meditation course raised it to another level. It taught me to celebrate my feelings, playfully explore my thoughts and bring forth a new sense of freedom and joy. Through the group calls, we were able to appreciate each other’s unique interpretations on the same exercise which were often vastly different. Cara is a wonderful teacher and offered personal guidance as we each shared our insights from the meditations. This has been a great help in a phase where I have been constantly travelling and changing environments and I find myself using what I learnt on a daily basis. Anyone who is curious about exploring their intuition and/or wanting tools to help cope with their own and other people’s energies and is open to connecting with and playfully exploring their own spirit will love this. I feel more freedom, love and peace in my life than ever before.”  ~ Katie

“Working with Cara was powerful and life-changing for me. Her meditations helped me peel back layers and layers of frustration, anger, fear and shame that I had learned to coat myself with over the years. Her sessions left me feeling free from all that baggage and she had practical solutions to finding peace in the day to day chaos. I still use specific techniques everyday and ones I save for longer meditation sessions once or twice a week. Working over the telephone initially concerned me as I was afraid I would lose the impact of physically meeting with my mentor. I was wrong! As the first session went on, Cara’s warmth and encouragement was easily transmitted in the telephonic environment and I felt connected to her at all times. Cara was very supportive through some very emotional sessions for me. I recommend completing the series with Cara because I have seen for myself the positive changes in both my personal and professional relationships. Years of intermittent traditional therapy were not able to accomplish the depth in self discovery your teachings helped me to uncover. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Cara!”  ~ J

“Cara is a bright, playful spirit with a beautiful, open heart who sincerely cares about helping people live happier, more fulfilling lives. And there is no question that is exactly what she does. I have taken classes from Cara, attended her workshops and done readings with her. I always come away feeling more clear and more full of life. Her insights, encouragement and the practical tools she offers are invaluable.I am so grateful for Cara’s influence in my life and highly recommend her work to anyone looking to discover more peace, more joy and more clarity!”  ~ Krista

“Cara Viana Hollenbeck is an absolutely amazing teacher! I have been working with her for over 5 years and her knowledge is so expansive! The amount of tools she has offered me is so vast and incredible.  Every time I meet with her it is completely uplifting, positive and real. I know I can share anything with Cara and her sweet soul will help in any way she knows how. I highly recommend working with her. She is so special and unique, being in her presence is an absolute blessing!”  ~ Ashlee