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IMG_44561-e1425100505271-1024x1024Cara’s gift is to be able to clearly communicate with your highest essence (commonly called Higher Self, Inner Being, Spirit, etc.), and information coming from this place, the part of you directly connected to all that (call it the Universe, God, Goddess, whatever feels right to you) is always full of love, always positive and inspiring and in total celebration of you!

During a reading with Cara, she will act as the translator between you and your Higher Self. You will receive information, guidance, answers and advice from your Higher Self and guides. It is basically a love bath from your team and it feels wonderful!

Readings with Cara are such a treat and will help you to feel aligned and centered, as well as giving you the exact information you need at this time.


Kristen“My session with Cara was extraordinary (to put it mildly!) As soon as she tuned into my higher self, I felt a great sense of peace and immediately sensed that a divine connection was formed. Our session helped me form a deeper connection to my higher self, helping me to trust the wisdom that has always been there, but I somehow had denied or never fully believed. 

Cara is such a highly gifted, intuitive and compassionate soul. Her ability to come into alignment with my higher self, and communicate such deep truths to me from that place, created such a great shift for me that I intuitively feel is quite life-changing.” ~Kristen Yates




“I just wanted to tell you I feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted off of me and I have an incredible sense of freedom. I feel like a whole new woman, like this part of me that makes me so much ME that has been unreachable is now radiating from me. I don’t even know if my words can describe this feeling, but thank you a million times over for guiding me to this place!!” ~Amalia Thomas



Guy Rose

Positive, radiant and wise, Cara always leaves those she interacts with better than she left them. I was all smiles as her playful spirit got in touch with my higher one! Her insightful reading left me feeling inspired and motivated to achieve more oneness with my higher self and to do the things I know I should/want to do but that I may have resistance towards. There were so many important points she touched upon that made me open my eyes and realize things about myself and life that I would do well with enhancing to improve my overall being and get the most out of it.  ~ Guy Rose

My energy healing session with Cara was POWERFUL. I can’t believe how much we covered in just an hour. The wisdom that came through her was poetic and exactly what I needed to hear to heal and move forward, while also feeling fully held and safe to do so. The issues we were dealing with are core to my identity and the stories I have told about myself all my life. With Cara’s help I’ve shifted those core beliefs and stories in massive ways, having a huge impact on how I see myself and my past. I highly recommend anyone interested to have a session!  ~ Jordan Lohf


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Readings are over the phone and a recording will be e-mailed to you. In person readings are also available.


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