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Hot Buddhi Yoga

Cara Viana loves life and she lives it passionately. She is a jewelry designer and the general manager of a corporation. But three of her biggest passions are meditation, yoga, and music. Not only has Cara found a way to combine those passions into her every day life, but she is able to share her joy by teaching others.


Cara began taking meditation classes when she was 19.

“I found myself in meditation and energy work. I couldn’t get enough of it; it resonated with every part of my being and answered so many questions I was seeking. It gave me tools to handle anything and to create the life I dreamed of. I progressed in my work and eventually began teaching classes. Sharing these tools is such a love of mine.”


“Exercise is like my lifeblood. I crave it and I love it: it makes me happy, makes me healthy, gives me energy, it is my medicine in more ways than I can express.”

It was Cara’s strong love for exercise that drew her to teach it.

“I have taught mixed martial arts fitness classes and yoga/pilates classes. I love to move and Buddhi is my favorite movement. I think ‘workout’ is a silly description — this never feels like work to me. This is my happy place, this is where I come to be exactly who I am, where I find total alignment, where I let it all go, where I come back to my center and my joy.”


“Music is a huge part of who I am. My heart needs to write music, to feel music, and especially to sing. It is my deepest, rawest form of expression. I feel we can express ourselves through music, and it can draw expression out of us. To dance and to feel music is a glorious form of expression and meditation for me.”

Cara never could’ve imagined that she would find something that brought together these three passionate aspects of herself; meditation, yoga, and music! After gaining so much expansion and happiness herself, spreading these experiences through teaching became a beacon for Cara.

“I feel so honored to be a part of Hot Buddhi Yoga, and I feel so much excitement to share it with the world.”

Join Cara at Pacific Island Fitness on Wednesdays at 6:30pm and Fridays at 5:30pm for a combination of incredible music, dancing, stretching, breath and meditation. These classes are open to all levels!

*Please double check for schedule adjustments

Ali-Catalano-150x150Cara is a spiritual force to be reckoned with. Every Wednesday & Friday, Cara leads a pack of wild souls. Men & women of all ages, sizes, ethnicities, beliefs & backgrounds come together for an indescribable release. We breathe, bend, & bask in the light of each other, with Cara (& her amazing playlists!) as our guide.

Cara’s hot buddhi yoga class is an incredible way to simultaneously strengthen your body and mind, and let go of whatever it is that’s weighing you down or holding you back. I always struggled to find a work out I enjoyed, but this class lights up my entire week and brings me such clarity. Keep shining, Cara! ~ Ali Catalano