Call #41 – Inn Child Meditation, Letting Go of the Past, and Our Relationship with Society Theta Healing


Hello fellow Playful Spirits!

This was the post I shared on Instagram on Monday:

“Not gonna lie (because let’s love it all), my current mood is tired and contented joy and also my inner 3 year old princess is a whiny and foot stomping. 

Im on an early flight to HNL for a work audit.

My inner adult is still blown away by the transformation I witnessed yesterday, and savoring the beauty of the islands and ocean around me and the smiling faces of people working here.

My inner princess thinks “I worked hard all weekend, now someone should be pampering me!!!”  (Picture foot stomp with tiara askew) She’s seriously adorable, I love her so much.

And you know what? She’s fucking right. I should be pampering me, the self care scale tipped a bit toward empty and she’s letting me know in no uncertain terms.

Since I couldn’t do much early this morning on a plane, I amused her with Snapchat filters. I have honestly never found them SO Handy!!!

This is a great example of self care in the cracks.  I’m feeling pretty resourceful!  Of course it’s a temporary fix and I know I’ve got to take care asap to avoid total meltdown. If I ignore my inner 3 year old long enough, and don’t let her express that tantrum and love her through it, then my body will put her foot down and sickness or injury will force me to rest.”

And it turns out I wasn’t the only one with an inner child making a fuss! Several of you shared with me similar stories this week.

So our circle on Tuesday we played with our inner children! Here’s the meditation we did.

We spoke about old shame and guilt and letting go of the past.

We also did some theta healing on healing our relationship with society and letting go of the fear of society’s judgement and shame. You can listen to just the theta here too.

I love to hear your insights or reflections, so please post in the Facebook group or email me back.

With a heart full of love from me and my inner little princess,