Call #40 – Being Okay In The Undone-ness

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As I reflect on yesterday’s call, I can see in hindsight the emerging theme of leaving things undone, or maybe it’s being OK in the middle of the undoneness…

Maybe you left the call feeling not quite complete, not quite wrapped up with a bow, some emotion not resolved, i.e. In a state of un-done. 

Not finished. 

Not resolved. 

I’m truly in awe as I sit hear realizing this. 

It feels like the end of the movie Usual Suspects when you figure out the identity of Kevin Spacey and your mind starts replaying and putting all the pieces together in hyper speed. 

Mind blown!

There’s always so much perfection in the teaching that comes through in this group! Completely unbeknownst to me, we had a whole theme I didn’t realize!

This may be the first call ever where we have not done a guided meditation or theta healing. 

I opened by sharing vulnerably some big growth I’ve had recently and the area of money.

I haven’t worked all the way through it yet, it’s not done. 

Then we had to really powerful really inspiring really vulnerable hot seats. 

Generally when someone leaves the hot seat we’ve taken them full circle, they are feeling great or complete or transformed or clear. 

Today both hot seats finished in the middle so to speak. 

We explored upper limit problems, the beliefs that hold us back, how to discover them and love them. 

As I reflect on it this call it is a powerful lesson for me on being OK with the undoneness. 

Not moving to fix it, or wrap it up, or give the experience I think it “should” be. 

But rather to celebrate, and thus empower, each of us in our own undoneness. 

I highly recommend this call and I’d love to hear what you got from it. 

You can get the full recording of this week’s call here.