Call #37 – Taking Our Power Back and Clearing Out Codependency

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Tuesday was a glorious inspired day for me!! What a call. I love the energy of this group, I feel you all wether you are on the call live or not.

Wednesday was a scratchy day for me. I was a little off: cranky, overwhelmed, exhausted and about to cry.

You know when parents say about a toddler “someone needs a nap”

Yeah. I’m that toddler! And I am aware of it at the time. I can hear my higher self saying “someone needs a nap” and it makes me kinda giggle mid pout.

It’s my surefire sign that I gotta up the self care to mega levels for a bit.  Roger that.

I’ve been thinking more about a theme that came up on yesterday’s call.

We start this life so wild, and we get slowly tamed.

We are told in subtle or not subtle ways that we are too loud, too emotional, too expressive, too selfish, too quiet, to masculine/feminine, too much, too little, too big, too small, too pretty, too ugly …. {imagine me making dramatic gagging sounds}

Each time we feel that underlying message from a well meaning shushing, it’s like a little ruler snap on our knuckles.

And we recoil.

Over time we recoil enough we learn where the boundaries are.

And then, ta-da, we are in society’s box.

Well, I stand for tapping into my Wildness.

And remembering that I’m ENOUGH.  

Just as I am.

Whether I’m choosing to operate in my box or out of it, my choice. And both are perfect once I reclaim it as my choice!

In Tuesday’s call I taught an easy technique for taking back our power from those knuckle-wrapping-box-inducing moments.

We learned what an orgasmic life is.

And we did some glorious theta healing around codependency and healthy relationship.

You can access just that theta healing here. It’s a great one to download and listen to again.

I love you!