Call #36 – Resistance, Feeling Source Loving Us, and the Slingshot Concept

Dearest Friends!

Ahhh my heart is so full right now, I’m typing this just after hanging up from our call.  

I said it on the call but I’ll say it again, I have infinite love for this group and each of you who makes it possible.  

I cannot express how much I get from these calls.  I also cannot know the full depth of it, as it’s far greater than even I realize!  

Tonight on the call I spoke a bit more about resistance, then I demoed it in real life! haha!  

I shared more about my trip, and the biggest transformative lightning bolt I received,  which was vulnerable for me so you got to hear me feel a bit of resistance.  

Then we did a succulent exercise for Feeling Source Loving Us.

Oooo that felt good!  Thank you for pulling it though me.  

In the hot seat we got the gift of witnessing real and honest emotion.  And we heard the wisdom and guidance from her higher self relating to how to get back on track.  

And we explored the concept of the sling shot, that we generate a pull back before we get shot forward.  And that there is no need to stay more than a split second in that pulled back place, except that as humans we often keep ourselves there by judging ourselves or making ourselves wrong etc.  

So much good stuff!!

I would love to hear your insights.  You can listen to the recording here.

In utter appreciation,