Call #34 – Wayward Energy Clearing Meditation, Shame Triggers and Our Vibrational Alignment


Hello Playmates! (I’m imagining us all in a big spiritual sand box with our trucks and shovels)

On our call I took a delicious little ramble through the concept of all the things we leave undigested in our lives. In the hopes of giving myself and all of us permission to fully take in this beautiful life!

We talked about the upcoming course and we learned a simple and powerful energy tool to use if you come into contact with a weird energy (Wayward Energy Clearing Meditation).

Yup, you just got the equivalent of your very own Ghostbusters green slime gun!

Then we chatted a little about shame triggers and how our emotional system indicates our vibrational alignment.  

As always, you can get the full recording here.

I’m off tomorrow on my cruise! Excited butterflies in this belly!

Our calls in March will fall on the 3rd and 4th Tuesdays instead of the second and fourth due to my travel.

I can’t wait to share all the goodness that I receive on this trip with you!

Love you oodles,