Call #33 – Interconnectedness of our Journeys


I walked away from this week’s call shaking my head and saying to myself “it seems like a higher selves get together in orchestrate these calls!”

And then I laughed out loud because I know for a fact they do that! And that it still somehow amazes me every time is so adorable. 🙂

I love that about myself and I hope it continues to amaze and delight me forever.

This week’s call in particular seems to really tie in; each persons journey led into the other.

We started with a few theta downloads to warm us up, after that I gave an easy exercise to reprogram those things that trigger negative response in us.  (if anyone tries this I would really love to hear your results!)

Then we jumped into mini readings. We covered overwhelm, feeling lost and directionless, feeling inspired but then getting stuck in procrastination, and dealing with alcoholic friends or people in pain.

And somehow all of that tied in together!

As always, you can get the full recording here.

I love you. Plain and simple.