Call #30 – Energy Scrub Meditation, Ancestral Fear and Grief, and Shunning Our Sacred Feminine


Hello Connection,

First an important reminder. Our next call will be on Thursday, January 12th instead of Tuesday because I’ll be up in an airplane on our regular day. 

Please mark it in your calendars. 

On this week’s call I shared a bit about what I’m learning around Connection. 

We did a meditation to allow relaxation and receiving in our bodies and receive a good scrubbing by our angels.  (You can access just the ‘Energy Scrub Meditation’ here.) 

Then we dove deep into some theta sessions. 

The first on releasing ancestral fear and grief, and the second on healing planetary grief and anger surrounding the shunning of our sacred feminine. 

As always, you can get the full recording here.

Cheers to a brilliant new year being ushered to us. 

With so much love,