Call #29 – Caring for Ourselves During Times of Transition and an “I Love You” Meditation

Caring for Ourselves During Times of Transition and an "I Love You" Meditation

Happy Holiday Season Loves!

I am feeling better as I become more intentional about this holiday season. I was getting caught up in the business and trying to cram everything in.  Then I remembered what this season is all about, i.e. winter = hibernation, an inward time, transformation in a subtle inward way, coziness, love, introspection if it’s inspired, etc.  At least that’s how I interpret it.  And then of course the holiday season has it’s own special meanings for us all too.

Now that I’m thinking about this in a more intentional way, I’m feeling much more in line with the above not to mention a lot of relief.

After our call I sat and wrote out the ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ exercise about this season and my upcoming trip, and the holidays in general.  After half a page I was feeling really relaxed, excited, and full of hope and magic.

Don’t you love when a couple minutes can generate that kind of shift??

Well to be fair I had a hour on the phone with a bunch of you prior, so the mood was surely high to begin with!

I hope you enjoy this call.  I shared a few insights I’ve had recently, and the vision I created this group with.  We did a yummy meditation I’m calling “I love you”, that the Universe downloaded to be right before our call.

Did you know you can listen to just the mediation if you like!  There are two recordings, the full call or just the meditation.  So you can go back to it any time with ease!  Try listening to past meditations and healings when you have a few minutes.

Then on the call we did a reading that really gave me a lot of good insight personally as I reflected back later.  We learned directions for caring for ourselves during times of transition and how to set it up for success!

As Lee, one of our members commented after the call “The whole call was so great!  Right when I think how can someone with kids have anything to do with me (for example).. it’s amazing how whatever you say totally hits home for me (& everyone I’m sure)!!!”

I couldn’t have said it better!

As always, you can get the full recording here.

Have a magical season full of love.  I’m beaming some at you in this moment!