Call #28 – Creating the World We Desire, Self Forgiveness, and Unconditional Love


I hung up after todays call feeling inspired and peaceful and very full of love.  

This group blows me away.  I feel so happy to be able to stand next to such incredible beings.  

If you know a man or woman who would be great addition to this group, please please share it with them.  

On today’s call I shared some fear I see in myself and we talked about how to love those parts of ourselves that maybe sabotage us or keep us stuck or hiding or distracted.  

We talked about the collective fear from the election and how to begin creating the world we desire right now.  How to take our power back and put it toward what we desire.  

Then we did a theta healing on self forgiveness and healing after trauma.   We infused us all with unconditional love and the knowledge of our true strength.  

You can listen to this and all calls here

With overflowing love and appreciation,