Call #24 – Body Awareness and the Third Chakra, Theta Healing for Sleep


So I sit down to write these summaries, and I think how will I ever describe that call?  

So I just throw it out, however it rolls off my tongue.

Knowing that you will be guided to listen to whatever is best for you in perfect timing regardless.

Phew! That takes the pressure off.

This week’s call was different than most of the others.

You heard me talk about what was up for me, have an epiphany right then, and work through it in real time.

Boom. {Mic drop, gangsta face}

You held space for me. Yup you did.

Whether you were on the call or not, whether you knew it or not.

Thank you.

We did a delicious meditation I’m gonna call “Body awareness and the third chakra, AKA crank it up and receive”

And we did a theta healing for sleep.

I wanna hear your insights from the call and I wanna hear how your sleep goes in the next few weeks!!

You can listen to and download the call here.  

Love you Endlessssssssly,