Alignment Meditation Courses


A Course on Intuitive Development and Energy Work

  • Develop a relationship with your higher-self
  • Learn how to become grounded
  • Gain skills to rapidly change your reality, improve your relationships, reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Learn to read and change energy
  • Learn to protect yourself energetically
  • Build a daily meditation practice that will continually increase the joyful, peaceful, loving times in your life and decrease the breakdowns, stressful and unhappy times
  • Learn to bounce back quickly
  • Prevent taking on other peoples’ energy
  • Learn to take down old walls
  • Discover, develop and trust your unique psychic gifts

Amalia“When I saw the flyer for Cara’s meditation class I got goosebumps & knew I had to be a part of it!

I was nothing but super super excited…until the first night getting ready to go I got very nervous & a little scared.  I thought what if I go & close my eyes & nothing happens.  However I went and the most powerful things I have ever experienced happened!  I felt like I had finally been able to open up this part of me that was tucked away & not allowed to be free.

Cara’s class helped me to reach this part of myself that is so profoundly me, that before was unreachable.  Now that part of me is radiating from me, and it feels sooo good!

I now have a daily practice & there is no better way to start my day!  Life is much clearer, calmer & brighter!  I highly recommend Cara’s class, not only because she is a wonderful teacher, but also because you get to be near her light, which is enough to raise you up.

It’s hard to explain to anyone why its such a wonderful class, it just needs to be experienced! Thank you Cara for the beautiful experience & the continued experiences your class has brought into my life!!!” ~Amalia Thomas

Tara“Powerful, calm, focused, ready, at ease, recharged…

These are just a few of the words that resonate with me when I think about the course I completed with Cara. There are numerous aspects of the course work that I love and here are a few.

  • While Cara taught us the tools to mindfulness meditations, we didn’t have to stay silent for hours or completely clear our minds. What she taught us was to connect with ourselves and let our higher self be our own guide.
  • She also encouraged us to share what we felt, what our body experienced, etc. This really helped create a trusting community amongst our group
  • The practices and tools that were taught are things I can use everyday!
  • The weekly check-ins and follow up. She helps remind and encourage you to do your “homework”

I always felt amazing during and after our sessions. This feeling spilled over into my days and weeks. I started to sleep incredibly soundly after our calls and have noticed a difference in the way I view everyday hurdles, setback or joys. Her tools gave me the power and knowledge to let myself become closer to myself and have perspective.

You’ll miss out if you don’t do a course, or workshop, or reading with Cara. If it matters to you, it matters to her.” ~Tara Hinsch


“It is truly hard to put into words how much I have gotten out of Cara’s class. The potential for growth is unlimited. I feel fortunate and blessed to have met Cara and been able to participate in her class.” ~ Marianne

Liz“I am so grateful for all the meditation classes I have taken from you. I would recommend them to anyone, and especially those with high stress or low self-esteem. The most important tool I feel I learned from your workshops is how to meditate daily. This tool has allowed me to get through some very difficult times. It has also improved all my relationships, including the one with myself! So thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You are a blessing.” ~Liz

2014-05-05 KSING profile picI thought I had a high sense of self awareness but doing Cara’s meditation course raised it to another level. It taught me to celebrate my feelings, playfully explore my thoughts and bring forth a new sense of freedom and joy. Through the group calls, we were able to appreciate each other’s unique interpretations on the same exercise which were often vastly different. Cara is a wonderful teacher and offered personal guidance as we each shared our insights from the meditations. This has been a great help in a phase where I have been constantly travelling and changing environments and I find myself using what I learnt on a daily basis. Anyone who is curious about exploring their intuition and/or wanting tools to help cope with their own and other people’s energies and is open to connecting with and playfully exploring their own spirit will love this. I feel more freedom, love and peace in my life than ever before.~ Katie Sing

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